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Reliable Sewer Inspection Camera in Calgary

It is a vital part of keeping your property's sewer line working properly. Get to the heart of your problem in a hurry with a sewer camera inspection in Calgary from the industry leaders at Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists. All of our service vehicles are equipped with cameras which allow our highly trained and experienced technicians to perform an accurate and detailed inspection on the spot. We also specialize in septic tank cleaning and grease trap cleaning.

Find Problems Quickly with a Calgary Sewer Camera Inspection

Video camera inspections have come a long way over the years and give us a reliable way to clearly see a variety of problems in your sewer lines or other pipes such as:

  • Root intrusion
  • Debris blockage 
  • Bellied drain line
  • Cracked sewer lateral 

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Tips for your Sewer Camera Inspection

Before your sewer examination, here are a couple of things you need to take care of:

Be Wary of “Free” Camera Inspections
Many sewer companies might persuade you with a free service but they often come with an associated cost like a fee for a copy of the inspection.

Be Present
This is a non-intrusive and easy to observe activity. You must have the details and insight to anything found during this process.

Ask the Right Questions
While looking for a sewer camera inspection company, ask the following questions:
Is the line made of more than one material?
Can you show me the video of the portions which do not hold pressure?
Can you confirm the depth of the house, curb and city main?

Take Care of Your Pipes before an Inspection
Often an inspection will show clogged sewer pipes which can be prevented with proper maintenance. You should avoid flushing items down your drain like paper towels, feminine products and facial tissues.

Get in Touch With Us

Clogged or damaged plumbing not only leads to costly repairs but can also create an unhealthy environment. Ensure your peace of mind with a sewer camera inspection in Calgary from Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists. We invest in our equipment and our personnel to ensure we are providing you with exceptional service in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.You can also fill out our online form for further questions. Our team will get back to you promptly.

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