a hand wearing safety glove is scrubbing a stainless steel sink

Stinky Sinks: Is there a bad smell coming from your drainpipes?

You wake up in the morning and haul your tired self out of bed. You trudge into the bathroom to start your morning routine. You reach for your toothbrush and… ugh, what is that smell?

Suddenly, you detect a foul sewage-like odour coming from your bathroom sink. If this is your reality, you may want to consult a reputable drain cleaning specialist in Calgary without delay!

There are several reasons for a smelly drain, some more concerning than others. Common causes include clogs, leaks and problems with the sewer line that carries wastewater away from your home.

With time, residue from soap, toothpaste, food, grease and everything else you wash down the drain collects and clings to the inside of plumbing walls. This buildup of sludge can release a nose-cringing smell if left unattended, so it’s important to have your drainpipes regularly cleaned. A gurgling drain is a good indicator of a potential clog.


Water seepage from cracked or rotting drainpipes can also be the root of the problem. If gone unnoticed, standing water from leaks can leave a foul odour in the air. Sewer and drain cleaning specialists like Electric Eel in Calgary offer routine camera inspection services to ensure your drainpipes are in excellent condition.

Sewage contamination
Not all malodorous problems are an easy fix. If you don’t notice any leaks or clogged drains after a thorough maintenance check, then the problem could potentially be more serious. Troubles with the sewer line, for example, can cause waste fumes to escape from your drainage system and fill your home with an unbearable smell similar to that of rotten eggs (eww!). In addition to producing an unpleasant aroma, the methane released can be hazardous to your health and the safety of those in your home. Did you know that high concentrations of methane are highly combustible?

Protect the Environment & Call in the professionals!

When faced with a smelly drain, homeowners will often make the critical mistake of pouring liquid drain cleaners down the sink to reverse the smell; however, these liquids are highly corrosive and may cause further damage to your drainpipes. Additionally, many of the brands available on the market are toxic and therefore shouldn’t wind up in community landfills or water treatment centres. We value and want to keep our environment protected just as much as you!

Electric Eel—Calgary’s trusted sewer and drain cleaning specialist—uses state-of-the-art equipment and innovative solutions to unclog drains without compromising your plumbing system or the environment. Our qualified technicians use high-tech inspection cameras to locate, photograph and clear obstructions that may be causing bad odours or other plumbing issues around your property.

Do you get wafts of sewage every time you near a sink in your home? The problem can be more serious than a pesky clogged drain. If you’re in need of residential or commercial drain cleaning service for your Calgary home or place of business, trust Electric Eel to deliver satisfying results, every time!

Stop holding your nose and call our plumbing specialists today!