Signs Your Sewer Line Is Backed Up

If you’re knee-deep in water in your basement, there’s probably little doubt in your mind that you’ve got a sewer backup. But by the time your Calgary home or business is flooded, the damage has already been done. Wouldn’t it be so much better if there were a way to know your sewer was in trouble before you got inundated? Here are several signs you should schedule a sewer cleaning ASAP.

  • Toilet troubles. Of all the drains in your Calgary home or business, your toilet is the one most closely linked to the sewer line. Abnormal behaviours when you flush, or at other times, are a good indication you may have a sewer backup. Oddities like the following are signs that you should give Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists a call.
    • When you flush, water fills the bathtub
    • The toilet is bubbling or gurgling
    • Toilet isn’t draining properly
  • Poor drainage in multiple fixtures. When more than one drain in your home or business is slow to empty or stops emptying all together, the issue may be a blocked sewer or a sewer backup. Drains include all sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets.
  • A foul odour. An unpleasant sewage-like stink is another sign you may need a sewer cleaning.
  • Water’s leaking out of the drain clean out. The clean out is a capped pipe that provides access to the sewer line. Sometimes these are tucked in at the back of cabinets. If there’s any kind of discharge from the clean out, you likely have a backed up sewer.
  • When your washing machine is running, water fills the sink or toilet. If doing your laundry leads to a toilet that overflows or a sink that fills with water, it could mean you have a sewer backup.

How to verify if these symptoms are due to a sewer backup

A sewer camera inspection can help Calgary homeowners and business operators determine if their suspicions are founded. Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists provides this service to all clientele. State of the art technology allows us to see exactly what’s happening in your sewer to provide us a clear picture of the blockage, and therefore offer up the best possible solution to your problem. Our sewer camera inspection services will ensure your home or business property doesn’t face these troublesome situations in the near future.

Act immediately

When you suspect a sewer problem, the best thing you can do is to get into action without delay. Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists always offers same-day service and for emergencies, we’re available 24/7. Call us today to schedule a sewer camera inspection and for all your Calgary residential and commercial sewer fixes, including residential and commercial sewer cleaning.