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Welcome to Electric Eel Sewer & Drain in Calgary

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At family-owned Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists, our goal is simple: to provide our clients superior service! If you have a clogged drain, frozen pipes, flooded parking lot or a septic issue, we’ll be there the same day to solve it.

Prompt and Friendly Service
Electric Eel will solve any residential and commercial plumbing problem. We provide septic services, sewer jetting, drain cleaning, vacuum service, grease trap cleaning and much more. Our expert, friendly team will explain the problem and give you a quote before we ever step inside your door.

Get the Picture
Each Electric Eel truck comes equipped with a camera that our qualified technicians use to see the problem, photograph it and figure out a solution on the spot. Whether you’re a residential, commercial or municipal customer, give Electric Eel a call.

We Save You Money!
When Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists service a client, we record serial numbers, take pictures of our work and even take feedback. That way, when we’re working with a repeat customer, we already know the specifics. It saves us time and therefore saves you money. That's why we provide the drain cleaning Calgary trusts.
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