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At family-owned Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists, our goal is simple: to provide our clients superior service! If you have frozen pipes, a flooded parking lot, a septic issue or a blocked drain in Calgary, our team will be there the same day to solve your problem. If you are a business owner with regular maintenance needs for grease trap cleaning, or a homeowner with a septic tank, we’ll be happy to schedule routine inspection and cleaning to keep your system in good condition. If you are in need of emergency repairs, we offer 24/7 emergency service. Contact the specialists at Electric Eel for sewer and drain cleaning in Calgary!

Blocked Drain? Call Electric Eel

To clear a blocked drain, Calgary homeowners often reach for a bottle of liquid drain cleaner. Here are a few reasons why you should think twice before using these chemicals:

  1. Drains may be clogged due to broken pipes or problems with the sewer line – these won’t be fixed by pouring chemicals down the drain.
  2. These chemicals are highly corrosive and may cause damage to the pipes and to other surfaces and finishes that they might get splashed on.
  3. Many of the chemicals used in drain cleaners are toxic and should not wind up in your community’s water or landfills.

Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Specialists will clear your blocked drains without causing damage to your pipes and the environment.

Get the Picture

Each Electric Eel truck comes equipped with a camera that our qualified technicians use to find and photograph obstructions in your drains and sewer lines. Once we’ve located the problem, we are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to clear the line and verify that the problem is solved. Whether you’re a residential, commercial or municipal customer, give Electric Eel a call.

We Save You Money!

When Electric Eel Sewer & Drains Specialists does repairs or maintenance for a client, we record serial numbers, take pictures of our work, and your feedback. That way, when we’re working with a repeat customer, we already know the specifics. It saves us time and, therefore, saves you money. Our attention to providing reliable service is what makes us the trusted name for drain cleaning in Calgary.


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